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Who Was Wallace D. Fard?

Wallace D. Fard
Those living in Detroit certainly recall having read about Wallace in 1930’s. He was more of a con artist and a forger than self proclaimed philosopher cum sheikh. We all know the ‘’white supremacy ideologies’’ of the early 19th Century and its far reaching effects today. It was in this eccentric background that Wallace popped up in the streets with rather strange teachings that immediately raised eyebrows. He insisted the whites were a ‘’product’’ of a laboratory experiment gone awry thousands of years ago and that all African Americans were Muslims by nature. A powerful speaker with orator prowess, he amassed a number of followers sympathetic to his cause and as more trooped in, he bought a house and opened a mosque in the basement. The ‘’Nation of Islam’’ was born.

However, before long, he found himself under intense media scrutiny and police investigation after a faithful slaughtered a man as part of a sacrifice. To diffuse tension, he threw his stuff together and hightailed to Chicago. His aliases soon caught the attention of the FBI who quickly launched investigation to determine his real identity. For all their trouble, the security agency uncovered 58 different aliases he used in different states. Months later, he jetted back to Detroit but was once more forced to bolt.

In 1934, the beleaguered head of the “Nation of Islam’’ appointed ‘’Elijah Mohammad’’ as his successor before hopping on a plane and vanished never to be heard from again. Not even his successor knew who he really was. Though resurfaced of is sighting in California, nothing came of it and as of this writing, nothing is known of him either. Not even his country or date of birth.

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