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The Mysterious Disappearance of Randy Leach

Randy Leach still missing
On April 15, 1988, Randy borrowed her mother’s car and drove out of their Linwood, Kansas home to a late night party. After drinking, he got intoxicated and was helped to the car by a friend but Randy had apparently misplaced the key. When the friend came out a few minutes later to check on him, he was gone and the sedan was missing from the parking lot. Assuming he had driven himself home, he went back to party but Brandy didn’t arrive home that night. He, alongside the car was never found.

The next morning after the disappearance, Brandy’s parents saw a car drive slowly by and a man staring at their house. His motives is unknown. Though a man later confessed to have been kidnapped by a cult and locked up in the caves with Brandy’s corpse, police found no evidence to back up his story.

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