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The Missing James Bond’s Goldfinger Aston Martin

World Mysteries
In 1964, a spy movie in the famous James Bond series was released and featured a car that left an indelible mark on both car enthusiast and to the lay eyes alike. The automobile featured highly sophisticated features such as ejection seat, bullet proof windows, revolving number plates and other complex defense mechanism to top up with sleek silvery body, customized rims and speeds of up to 200km\h, it was the undisputable king of the road and a moving masterpiece at the time.

As the film hit all major cinemas around the world, so did the desire to see the legendary car up-close and within days of releasing the film, thousands of appearance requests poured in from museums, car shows and individuals each offering an invitation. Sadly, since only four of the prototype cars were ever made; the original car, the stunt double and two other PR cars, they couldn’t keep up the appearences and majority had to contend with photographs.

As the years went by, the cars were sold and re-sold changing hands over the years but the fate of the ‘’original’’ car gets weird. After being bought by a car collector Anthony Pugliese, he decided it was a good idea to store her in a secured hangar in Boca Raton airport but it turns out it was a costly mistake. In the night of June, 1997, unidentified truck pulled into the airport and moments later sped off the hangar with the car on its bed never to be seen again. During investigation, the night guard testified to have seen lights going off at the storage facility but never bothered to check it out and she remains missing to this day.

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