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The Ghost Plane of Mindanao

The Ghost Plane of Mindanao
The events of December 8, 1942 would certainly remain embedded in historical books for quite a long time. Not as an important political date but rather a cabalistic dance with bizarre after the US Army radars picked up a flying plane on its radars. Still hysterical of the Pearl Harbor attack months ago, the army quickly scrambled two fighter jets and what they saw shocked them. They closed in on a strange plane model the P-40 which was heavily damaged with bullets holes and blown away landing gears. The pilot was slumped on his chest drenched with blood. As they peered inside, the pilot gestured slightly before the plane plummeted to the ground.

After the impact, no pilot was found and the fuel tanks were bone dry with no trace of fuel to begin with. A small journal aboard pinpointed the planes’ location to Mindanao Island, thousands of miles away. Though others thought the plane might have been shot down years ago and the pilot repaired it back to flight status, it remains a mystery on how it took off in the first place.

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