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Shelly Malone And The Horse Cover-up

Shelly Malone And The Horse Cover-up
On October 18, 1992, Shelly Malone and a colleague Erica Stumvoll hopped on their favorite horses and left for sunset ride in The Plains, Virginia. However, what supposed to be a leisure stroll turned tragic when disheveled Erica bolted out of the woods pleading for help. Shelly had been seriously injured in a freak horse accident when both horses spooked and threw them on the ground. Erica fell to the left of her horse but Shelly wasn’t lucky. She had been trampled and ‘’severally kicked’’ by her horse in an apparent attempt to get away.

Erica, the Paramedics and their boyfriends rushed to scene and located her forty five minutes later in a rough state. She was airlifted but pronounced dead on arrival. Her death was ruled as accidental but discrepancies soon emerged. Bloodstains were discovered inside Shelly’s car on the front seat and in various parts of the car. The police categorically insisted no DNA analysis could be performed since they had no such budget allocation and the source of this mysterious bloodstain remains a mystery as only the paramedics moved Shelly from the scene.

Erica is her affidavit swore the horse ‘’repeatedly kicked’’ Shelly on her legs, face, and the head before running off. A statement disputed by horse veterans who insisted horses might step on one when getting up but ‘’rarely trample and kick’’ on an individual lying on the ground. Immediately after her funeral, the horses were mysteriously carted off and Shelly’s boyfriend showed up on a pickup truck eager to ferry off her stuff. Unless the police reopen the investigations, we’ll never know what transpired on that fateful sundown.

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