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Francis Leavy’s Indelible Print

Firefighters Ghostly Handprint
On April 18, 1924, Francis Leavy, a fireman from Chicago Fire department was busy washing a large window when he suddenly announced he had weird feeling he would die that same day. A smiling man ready to help, his colleagues quickly dismissed him off and went about their chores when they were alerted of fire outbreak and hurriedly rushed to the scene.

Minutes later, he climbed on the smoking upper floors to help the trapped when fire erupted in the lower floors causing the building to collapse. He alongside nine other firemen and a civilian were killed by the falling masonry. However, things took a turn for the worst when the grieving firemen noticed an imprint on the window Francis had been cleaning. Unsure of the creepy find, they cleaned the window but the hand print wouldn’t go away. Glass cleaners were contacted but nothing would wash it off. They gave up and left it alone for 20 years before a careless newspaper vendor shuttered the glass along with the imprint.

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