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Charles Peck Ghost Calls

Charles Peck Ghost Calls
On September, 12, 2008, Charles peck, an employee of a Delta Airlines hopped into a train for Los Angeles for a job interview. However, this was not to be as he was killed in a fatal train crash moments before the scheduled appointment. Thanks to a lax engineer, who, busy chatting with a bunch of teenagers over the phone ran a red light and collided with an oncoming freight train. Charles alongside the engineer and 25 more souls were killed on impact. Hundreds more were injured in the subsequent pile up.

Soon after the deadly crash, things took a turn for the worst when he called his family members but all they heard was static. Thinking he had been seriously wounded and unable to speak, the worried family returned the call which in turn was diverted to his voicemail only for their phones to rings and the cycle began anew.

Not knowing what to make of the creepy calls, they immediately notified the rescuers who traced the spooky signals to a heavily mangled couch and worked round the clock to rescue him. However, when they did reached him, it was determined he had been killed on impact. How and why he placed over 35 calls to specifically his son, his stepmother, his sister and his brother along with his fiancé eleven hours after his death is unknown and we’ll never know for sure as the phone was never recovered and the calls ceased exactly one hour prior to the find.

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