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Cardinal Crescentius And The Phantom Visitor

death of a London clergy
On our previous list, we covered the strange and horrifying death of Lord Rossmore after an encounter with a banshee. Today, I bring you the creepy death of a London clergy. The year was 1552 and lord Crescentius was busy writing a letter in the middle of the night. However, this was no ordinary night as he was about to find out. Minutes later, a strange black dog crept into the room and sat under his table. Engrossed in the letter, he kept his cool but when the relaxing atmosphere changed to fear and danger, he knelt for a second look and made a disturbing discovery; the dog had red eyes like a hot coal, fur darker than the night and long ears that swept the floor.

At once, the frightened cardinal called on his servants to take the feline out but none ever saw the phantom dog. After combing through the room, the attendants gave up much to the chagrin of the clergy who insisted the dog was sat ‘’right under the table’’. Immediately, he fell sick and bedridden, dying shortly thereafter still insisting ‘’take the dog out…’’

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