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Barbara Assunta Bolic

Barbara Assunta Bolic
On 18 July, 2007, Barbara Bolic alongside a family friend Jim Ramaker set off for the nearby Bear Creek trail in Montana for a short picnic. However, on this occasion, things took unexpected turn. After driving to the creek, the pair set off on foot into the bushy trail and later settled for a quick snack.

Immediately after the meals, Barbara remained packing while Ramaker stepped ahead to enjoy the scenery. When he turned back, she was gone. Thinking she had momentarily stepped into the thicket to relieve herself, Ramaker slowly walked to the scene but she was nowhere to be seen. After searching and calling out her name for hours, he reported her missing to the forest management who promptly launched a large scale manhunt involving police dogs, helicopters and large numbers of volunteers but all attempts were fruitless. Two young men were placed on the scene at the time of her disappearance but so far none has been identified and her disappearance remains a mystery.

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